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Name: Abhijit Jagtap <contact> Abhijit Jagtap Google profile
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Country: India India
Age: 31
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Find and save messages in IMAP server to database
This class can find and save messages in IMAP server to database.

It can connect to a given IMAP server and access a given mailbox account.

The class can search for messages in the mailbox based on given criteria like ALL, ANSWERED, BCC, BEFORE, BODY, CC, DELETED, FLAGGED, FROM, KEYWORD, NEW, OLD, ON "date", RECENT, SEEN, SINCE, SUBJECT, TEXT "string", TO, UNANSWERED, UNDELETED, UNFLAGGED, UNKEYWORD "string" and UNSEEN.

The found messages can be saved to a MySQL database table using MySQLi.
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All time: 83% 83% - 75% - - 57% 1672
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