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'Locked' folder

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Subject:'Locked' folder
Summary:Folder created on server by upload.php is 'locked'
Author:ron later
Date:2006-12-20 23:07:53
Update:2006-12-21 00:03:12

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Picture of ron later ron later - 2006-12-20 23:07:53
I thought I would delete the folder named 'test' and try again but I am unable to do anything at all in this folder, not even delete the jpg's in it.
257 "/htdocs/test/test" is current directory.
DELE test_1.jpg
550 test_1.jpg: Permission denied.
! Delete of test_1.jpg failed.
DELE zzzsqIMG_2275_cr.jpg
550 zzzsqIMG_2275_cr.jpg: Permission denied.
! Delete of zzzsqIMG_2275_cr.jpg failed.
DELE test.jpg
550 test.jpg: Permission denied.
! Delete of test.jpg failed.

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Picture of Colin Verot Colin Verot - 2006-12-21 00:03:12 - In reply to message 1 from ron later
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