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issue with Mathematical equations

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Subject:issue with Mathematical equations
Summary:please make maths equations to img also
Author:samy tech
Date:2020-10-13 06:49:04

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Picture of samy tech samy tech - 2020-10-13 06:49:04
Hello sir, thank you soo much this awesome code. it works perfectly fine with word text, images, alignment and everything, but there is some issue with mathematical equations when we create a word file with text, images and equations and try to convert it but it showing the maths equations just like normal text. please make some changes for equations also. like you can save equations as image also.
If possible please do something.

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Picture of Rohit Arya Rohit Arya - 2020-10-13 07:02:48 - In reply to message 1 from samy tech
Thanks for your comment.
I have noted down your concern and will update code for the same soon.
Meanwhile you can use mathematical equation as image.

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