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Summary:Can't read the screenshots
Author:David Ledger
Date:2013-05-07 12:29:06
Update:2013-05-10 09:44:18

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Picture of David Ledger David Ledger - 2013-05-07 20:07:01
This article may be useful, but it's a pity that the screenshots use a coloured terminal window. Just like real coloured terminal windows they're unreadable.

Please change the screenshots to white on black (or better still, black on white) so it's possible to work out what this is all about.


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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2013-05-09 22:32:06 - In reply to message 1 from David Ledger
The screens had to be reduced a bit to fit in the article column.

The original are a bit larger. If you click on the right button of your mouse over a picture, you may ask to view the original image sizes on a separate window.

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Picture of David Ledger David Ledger - 2013-05-10 09:44:18 - In reply to message 2 from Manuel Lemos
It's the colours of the text rather than the size. It would be unreadable on a real screen too at any size. Just because a terminal emulator can do different colours doesn't mean that it's a good idea or that you have to use them. Why strain your eyes?


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