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I like the design but...

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Subject:I like the design but...
Summary:The design is nice but it is far from properly implemented...
Author:Jeremy Simkins
Date:2010-04-10 14:00:48
Update:2010-04-10 19:55:58

  1. I like the design but...   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of Jeremy Simkins Jeremy Simkins - 2010-04-10 19:51:58
I do like the new design although it seems more rushed than done properly. I am not impressed with the design at all since it is broken in a lot of areas. I do not understand why a site like this would switch to a new design while the majority of pages I have viewed and looked at are broken and blown out... If this design were properly implemented you wouldn't be having these issues... This shows you get what you pay for.

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2010-04-10 19:55:58 - In reply to message 1 from Jeremy Simkins
There are still some issues being fixed that affect mostly newsletters because some Web mail systems like Gmail and Yahoo mail drop CSS definitions.

If you are seeing it broken in regular site pages, some people have complained that it no longer works well with ad blocking extensions. If you are using such extensions, you may need to disable them to see if it is the case.