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North Indian PHP Kundli Chart
A Kundli chart is a graphical representation of several elements used by people interested in astrology to analyze aspects of a person's personality.

This class can generate a simple Kundli chart from values related to planets that may be influencing aspects of a particular person's behavior.
CodeIgniter Blade Template Engine
The Blade is a template engine included in the Laravel framework.

This package provides an alternative implementation of a template engine for the CodeIgniter framework that can render templates in Blade format.
PHP Business Days
Many applications need to schedule dates according to the expected number of days a task needs to finish.

For instance, when a site takes e-commerce orders, it is ideal for estimating the number of business days that the order will take to be delivered.

This class provides an API for returning details of business days that give realistic estimates of final delivery dates for a task to be completed considering the days that are not business days.
Populate template with JSON data
Templates are a widespread way to define the format of the output of a page.

Inside each template file, you have marks that you will replace with template parameter values.

Usually, you can set the template parameters using code that calls a template engine component.

This package provides an alternative for processing templates. It can read the template parameters from files that define the parameter values in the JSON format.
PHP CSV Library for Row Data Analysis
CSV is a standard file format that you can use to store data organized in tables, like, spreadsheets.

The CSV format itself does not contain many details about the types of data stored in each column of the data tables.

This class can analyze the values from a CSV file and extract several details about the column data values.
PHP API Tutorial Training Server
Creating an API can be a complex process. Depending on what you want the API to do, you may need to implement other features besides the actual API function.

For instance, you may need to implement API user management and customize the API responses to address the API user's needs better.

This package provides a solution to allow you to train yourself in API creation.

You can set up a Docker container to create a closed environment specifically to test the APIs you will make.
PHP MySQL Copy Database
Sometimes it may be necessary to recover a database that has some damage due to an accident.

One way to recover that database is to copy the records of the tables that you can still save to another database.

This class provides a solution to save the table records of a MySQL database to another database.

It can copy a small number of records at a time to save as many records as possible.
PHP IBAN Validation
IBAN is a standard that defines the formats of bank account numbers of people or companies from anywhere in the world.

Many applications need to send payments to other people. When the application uses the IBAN standard to store the bank account identification of the people that will receive the payment, the IBANs must be correct. This way, the payments can reach the correct bank accounts.

This package provides a method to validate IBANs using an API.
Laravel Plugin System
Plugins are additional components that can extend the functionality of an application or package.

Therefore those plugins can be helpful to improve the utility of an existing package.

This package implements the base of a plugin system that can improve the functionality of a PHP package based on the Laravel framework.
PHP Exchange Rates
Exchange rates are essential for businesses that need to deal using multiple currencies.

For investors that use foreign currencies to keep their reserves, it is essential to evaluate the stability of a currency over time before they decide to use it.

This package can retrieve the exchange rates for currencies over time and how the exchange rates fluctuate. This way, investors can evaluate the currency stability.
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