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How to Verify If a PHP Version Upgrade Really Succeeded - 2 minutes - Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 92 Part 8

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Having tests to verify if a PHP version upgrade succeeded is excellent, but unfortunately, that is not enough because there are always aspects of the consequences of the version upgrade that we are not fully aware of initially.

So it is expected that some fixes may be necessary after a PHP version upgrade. Still, you may not even be aware of all the fixes you may need to do after the upgrade.

This situation is where other human beings can help you complete the quality control of the PHP version upgrade process.

Read this article, watch a 2-minute video, or listen to part 8 of episode 92 of the Lately in PHP podcast to learn how you can use the help of other human beings to assure the control of the quality of your applications after a PHP version upgrade.

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In this article you can learn:

How to Plan a PHP Version Upgrade Successfully

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Episode 92 Part 8 Video

What was said in the podcast

3. What Should You Do Upgrade Successfully

3.6. How to Verify if an Upgrade Really Succeeded

The next step is to verify if the upgrade really succeed.

You need to have tests for every change that you make.

Because these are really really important I don't suggest to do tests for every little thing that you have in your application, but the tests that you need to do are for crucial things like the tools that need to run on your server.

But the most important test is not in the software. It's in the humans, the people that will access your site and you should be concerned with them too because they will do the final test.

If the technical test passed, the human test also need to test so first you do the technical tests software tools scripts that verify if that's succeeded and then you do the human testing.

Often you don't have people at reach to ask them if all went well.

So what you can do is to make sure your users can contact you. How?

You can have contact forms, email addresses that they can send you messages telling you: oh there is an issue here.

You can also have phone numbers, you can also provide a similar number to give them access to your contact via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

It's whatever you prefer.

Just provide as many forms of contact as possible because different users prefer to use different means of communication.

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